Transport bike home to Camino Santiago

Transport your bike from home to the start of the road. French Way, North, Road Silver (or transportation to and from any point in Spain regardless of whether or not the way you do).
SEUR and Bicigrino have coordinated this service to ensure delivery of bicycles to anywhere in Spain or Portugal securely packaged and in record time.



This produtct is available at BICIGRINO VIRTUAL STORE



SEUR and bicigrino two leading companies in the transportation of bicycles join forces and invite a professional service and a full warranty.

Seur y bicigrino transporte bicicletas

With this service other than on the road to Santiago, you can also carry bicycles from anywhere in Spain to any other place if it is within the peninsula, (to request a shuttle to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or international , contact:


** To arrange transport is very important that the fields you will find in the purchasing process are completed:

Transport bike home at the beginning of the route.
You transported your bike at the beginning of the road and keep it on consignment in our lodges and members points. Then you can begin the path quietly, simply arrive at the start, gather the bike and the saddle and you drive them to make your adventure.
Now thanks to the collaboration with SEUR you can pick up the package at your nearest agency SEUR to pack the bike to your liking and then coordinate the collection. (For delivery Packaging acquisition of transport through this online store is required)
In the following link you can see all the agencies closest to your home:

localizador de agencias Seur

You can also transport your bike from home to anywhere you specify. The coordination of the delivery of the bike on arrival we realize it or by sending the bike to where you think staying (hotel or hostel ) and also by example you can collect the bicycle facilities in carriers of the destination city. To better manage these details we will contact you after booking transport and coordinate together the best place to ship and subsequent collection of the bike.
This innovative system will allow you transladar your bike from home to anywhere in the Spanish territory and even Portugal.

This Serbian avoid the inconvenience of having to take your bike with you, also paying transportation and suffering the disadvantages of transport companies (buses , trains, planes ) .
We can ship the bike to anywhere but you have to take into account these important details :

- For the road to Santiago it'll send your bike to one of our hostels bicigrinos , these shelters have an agreement with the virtual store bicigrino whereby they will keep the bike up to 5 days so you can just to arrive , you can easily pick and start your journey.
* Price per reception and luggage bicycle : 5 euros . * It does not necessarily have to spend the night in the hostel to post the bike.
* If you plan to sleep in the hostel to send you the bike , it is recommended that you call by phone to reserve a place for you and make sure the bed.
* We have seen that while moving bicycles from Santiago to house the carrier of Santiago because of the large spin transport are organized since there is more than used to be packed bicycles for transport from other parts of Spain is risky and impractical to leave the package in the hands of the various delegations . Therefore we believe it is much more practical and effective than other delegations to facilitate the packing and boxes for each user quietly at home bicycle bag for collection and later confirmed shipping destination. When paperwork we will provide transportation agency Gls closest to you so you can go get the packaging.
- The recommended deadline for sending the bike is 5 working days . So if you plan to begin your way on Friday or Saturday is the best the bike out of your house as much Monday or Tuesday.
Prices for this service are provided with payment. You can pay using the payment methods offered by this store : CREDIT CARD, PAYPAL or BANK TRANSFER .
Bicycles will be collected from your home prior coordination of place and date of collection.
Can you see the options of shipping to bicigrinos hostels on the web.