07- Rental Bicycles Burgos to Leon

New bike rental service to cover the route of the Camino de Santiago between Burgos and León. These bikes are specially equipped for the pilgrims can use being made the way walking with their backpacks. This service may forward the miles of wilderness and plains of Castile.



Through the virtual store bicigrino, http://www.bicigrino.info/tienda_virtual/en/.

You can now rent a bike to explore the stretch of road between Santiago Burgos and Leon. With this service we aim to facilitate the transit through the plateau pilgrims are making their way to Santiago on foot or people who want to make a little tour of 3 or 4 days on the "Camino".


For the high demand and request for this service we have had in previous years we have worked hard to coordinate and adjust the special service we offer now through the web leader in bicycle touring in the Camino de Santiago. Our rental bikes are now preparing and especially conditioned to serve the people doing the walk way want to advance the hard and monotonous stages of the plain and the moor.

peregrino a bicigrino

Normally you can do this stretch in about 3 or 4 days bike ride.



We will deliver your bike in the place you you propose and I'll pick you up at any of our HOSTELS, HOTELS OR SHOPS BICYCLES bicigrino affiliates.

You can see these at our local guide free download here:


Alquiler bicicleta Burgos a Leon


  • These bikes can be booked in advance for up to 24 hours. The bikes are ready to be rented in the road Santiango (French Way) between Burgos and León. I will be delivered first thing in the morning at the hotel, hostel or bike shop proposals coordinated by the customer or by mutual agreement with bicigrino.
  • I will be delivered first thing in the morning at the hotel, hostel or bike shop proposals coordinated by the customer or by mutual agreement with bicigrino.


Hotel norte y londresEN BURGOS

Hotel Norte y Londres.
Plaza Alonso Martínez, 10, 09003 Burgos
947 26 41 25


calzadilla de la cuezaEN CALZADILLA DE LA CUEZA

Hostal y Albergue Camino Real
Plaza de la trasera Mayor, 8, 34309 Calzadilla de la Cueza.
979 88 31 87 ‎ · bicigrino.com/calzadilla-cueza.html

Hostal Domus ViatorisEN SAHAGÚN

Hostal y Albergue Domus Viatoris
Travesía del Arco, 25, 24320 Sahagún, León‎
987 78 09 75 · http://www.domusviatoris.com

bicicletas blancoEN LEÓN

Bicicletas Blanco
Calle Teniente Andrés Gonzalez,1, 24005 León
987 20 96 10 ‎ · www.bicicletasblanco.com


Hotel Via LeonEN LEÓN

Hotel Vía León
Calle el Paso, 5, 24003 León
987 03 54 81‎ · http://www.hotelvialeon.com/

** In some of these establishments may charge you but you stay in them and do use its facilities up to 5 euros for bike.

The rental price is the total price and included everything offered, including transportation of the bike chosen for the start point of the route.

The delivery of the bicycle will be directly through our correspondents in the area. You only have to indicate a place of delivery and coordinate the meeting with the person who will take the bike (we will contact you).


We have been modified and adapted for optimal use of the service offered. They have ergonomic grips to prevent the hands you sleep, platform pedals that allow you to pedal with normal boots, special container rack and attach to your bag ...
And all this in a high end bike with disc brakes, front suspension and fully adjusted and ready for your journey.


bicicletas de alquiler camino de Santiago burgos a Leon

Here you can see one of the bikes that are rented . As you indicated are superior model bikes with disc brakes and thoroughly equipped for the service that is offered .

This bike carries components including these highlights :

  •     Disc brakes .
  •     Shimano Deore , 9 speed .
  •     Semiautomatic Pedals ( for side platform to pedal with boots or shoes and the other creeks in case any "pro" takes cycling shoes . )
  •     Front suspension fork ROCK SHOX .
  •     Ergonomic Grips .
  •     Carrier specific to cycling.
  •     Special container to transport backpacks.

Service bike rental bicigrino 's website is geared to ease the way for those who choose to bike and not being able to use their own or for various reasons decide to opt for renting as a better option.

Bikes that are rented have been personally chosen by Bicicigrino after the experience of six paths made logical and most appropriate criteria and do this route with full warranty.

This is high-end bicycles with all Shimano components widely help resolve any eventuality during the route.



EASIER IMPOSSIBLE;). Our original system adapts and combines especially with the pre-installed rack carrying bicycles. I can put on and off with one hand and you can enter your backpack or personal effects without any adaptation. We are aware that you will be doing on the road to Santiago "pilgrim" version and as such your wardrobe and what we will carry luggage adapted to your way of doing the Camino de Santiago.

Sistema transporte bicicletas alquiler burgos a leon

So we who adapt to you and our bikes are equipped to receive your things and ease the path the easiest way.


tallas bicicletas alquiler

We consider it interesting that the bike is the right size according to your height and although only a few days and to a more or less relaxed usage is not essential it would be nice if the size of the bike off the nearest possible to your measurements. If you had to move up or down a size not be much of a problem because the bikes as they have different rules and ways to adapt the saddle. 



In the rent included are accessories and basic and necessary to practice cycling.


accesorios bicicletas alquiler Burgos a Leon

The bikes come equipped among other things with these accessories designed to give you all the peace and security in route:

     Racks and specific preinstalled.
     Extensions on the handlebars for maximum comfort on the road.
     Tyres specially chosen for optimal use in road travel.
     Special container box for loading backpacks and luggage.
     Red type elastic mesh to hold luggage.
     Padlock secure bicycle storage.
     Practice the ideal bag for carrying by hand en route the camera or mobile phone (for example) top bar.
     Tool kit with cameras, patches, pump and multi-tool (with chain tool) to solve any eventuality in route.
     Gel Case for the saddle to prevent chafing.



We work with the transport company specializing in backpacks and luggage on the way JACOTRANS. If you want you can get a special price for this service and do the steps carrying only the bare minimum with you on the bike.


Consult special prices and conditions according to stages. We will transport you your backpack.


In bicigrino know what's worth your safety and your peace of mind especially. We are accredited professionals and we have an insurance policy to cover liability and ensure any contingency that may occur. For us it is very important to offer our services under guidelines of accountability and efficiency so that apart from the good reviews that you can obtain and certify through the opinions of our users and do not want to leave anything to chance and work toward optimal service and guaranteed.

soporte 24 horas alquiler bicicletasASSISTANCE 24 HOURS

  • We have a network of garages that broadly cover all the way to Santiago.
  • We have arrangements with taxi services and professionals who can ship your solucinarte meeting for any contingency.
  • Our wide range of accommodation (hotels, cottages, lodging) will give coverage to any problem.


- By purchasing this product in any PACKS and the price indicated in the offer you are paid exclusively rental service .

- The rental price is included the cost of transport to the starting point of the path that you choose on the stretch of road Santigo ( French Way ) Burgos to Leon.

- Narrow the rental of this particular bike model , you need to pay a DEPOSIT of 100 euros ( per bike ) that you can purchase through the online store of bicigrino , in " Bicycle Rental " paying so separate payment of rent. This is indicated as DEPOSIT will be refunded once received and checked the bikes good use and condition thereof. Without the necessary and compulsory payment of this bond order requesting any one or more rental bikes are not considered valid .

- Bicycles are new or semi - new and is delivered in perfect magazine , so it will be the responsibility of the users basic care and maintenance to ensure good use of them. We will take care of repairs attributable to mechanical defects route, but users will be responsible for the damage and failures attributed to poor or inadequate use of bicycles.

- For any questions or special need on bike rentals or need in route once you rented the bike please contact me through this e- mail: tomas@bicigrino.com .



You can arrange the rental of your bike through the virtual store bicigrino: